I’ll be back soon

I probably should have put something up before I left but I didn’t think this site would generate any visitors. I can see from the site stats I’m coming up in search results (yay SEO) so I just thought I’d let people know where I am in life and when to expect some updating on the site.

Right now I’m in Vietnam. Since November I’m moved from Ireland, taken a holiday in Bali, visited Melbourne to sort out some visa things and am currently staying in Vietnam. I’m currently waiting for a visa to be finished so I can return to Melbourne to live and work for a while.

Since I’m traveling I’m not really finding the time to do any screenshot editing or post stories about GW2, but that was always my intention. I only wanted to set the site up before I left, make one or two sample posts and then once I’m set up in Melbourne, fire out some posts.

I won’t make this any longer than it needs to be so I’ll just finish with I’m actually having the time of my life despite missing GW2 and the amazing community. I reckon in about a month or so I’ll be all set up and posting again, but for now I just want to enjoy what’s in front of me.

Take care and I’ll be back soon

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Laughing Gull Island, a place you need to spend some time

Laughing Gull Island is a small island located southwest of Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide Coast, and the former site of Port Noble. The island is the headquarters of the Covington Pirates and is accordingly swarming with pirates. There is a meta event in which the Lionguard attack the area’s pirate boss Admiral Taidha Covington in her base of Covington Keep.

So while running around visiting some shores and taking screens shots last night, this island really stood out to me. It has a lot going on and it’s done really really well. If you look at it on the map, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s simply a small island barely off the coast of the main island in Bloodtide Coast and below stormbluff isle, but when you land on it, it’s a whole different story!

One of the first things you’ll see if you come from the south side is what looks like a pirate ship cut up and made into a sort of tree house, and that’s just what it is. A god dam freaking pirate hideout tree house! Let that sink in. Shortly after running around you’ll find the place is covered in Covington Engineers and Covington Pirates. While they’re not any trouble to deal with they really add to the vibe of the cast away...

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I’m so excited to be playing again

Hello all!

I’m back, I’m here, I’m playing again and I’m so excited 😀 Quick catch up first. I went offline for a while because I’ve started a new adventure of my own in Melbourne and it’s so far captured my heart. I love the place, every day I cross the Yarra and it makes me smile, looking up at the buildings is overwhelming in a good way and the streets and markets are packed with all the new food to try and it all makes me very happy. I have an apartment, a job and now somewhere to play games; and so I return to guild wars 2. But enough about me, I’m boring.

One thing I’ve always loved about this game is the different scenes and settings and one of the most reoccurring is the pirate/nautical theme. From the fact that Lion’s Arch is a sea port town, to the adventure in south sun cove to it reappearing in every living world story, and they make it look and feel amazing.

It’s not just the graphics, the ambient sounds and music are the stuffs of visions when we read a book set on a dock or watch a movie/tv show of the same idea. Wind blowing, bells distant ringing, kids running and cheering, merchants far off calling. Walk along any dock in the game and you’ll feel this.


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The hidden garden of Mount Maelstrom

I’ve found it hard to work on this site or to update anything lately. Frankly I haven’t found the time to play guildwars 2 outside of some scheduled raids. For the last few weeks I’ve been getting everything in order for a big move. Personal things are outside the scope of this site, but very soon you will see what I’m talking about and hopefully understand.

For now I wanted to share some shots from the hidden garden in Dierdre’s Steps of Mount Maelstrom. It’s actually something you may come across by random. It requires you to defeat one of the keeps of Earth, Light, Waves or Winds for a portal to open. These bosses appear every 15 minutes or so and are very easy with a small time, or solo with a bit of focus.

The garden contains a jumping puzzle which rewards you with a Sylvan Chest and a mastery point, but as locations in guildwars 2 go, this is one of the ones you might not be expecting and can really catch you off guard.

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Dragon’s stand meta

It’s been ages since I did the dragon’s stand meta. It’s a fairly long meta but it’s a lot of fun. You will need a few commands to keep everyone together so best to look in the LFG or the open community for planned events they run, or if you like to take a chance, you might just see a few people tagged up. Great loot at the end and there’s a  Crystalline Ore Collector at the end too. Don’t forget, this meta works on a schedule. It will start when it’s due to start and ends whether you’re done or not, so keep an eye on the timer for the event too

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